Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do you really believe that transubstantiation stuff?

Dear Rev. Know it all;

I am amazed that people like you still believe all that mediaeval voodoo about transubstantiation. You Catholics believe that bread and wine become flesh and blood. It looks like bread and wine. It tastes like bread and wine, but it’s really flesh and blood. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If you put it under a microscope it’s still bread and wine.

Yours realistically,

Moe Dernistik

Dear Moe,

Not always. It seems that sometimes bread and wine become visibly flesh and blood, even under a microscope. Let me refer you to an interesting web address:

Or you can look under “Eucharistic Miracle, Buenos Aires.” It’s in Spanish, but has English subtitles. It seems that not long ago, a host that was dropped on the floor. When it was found, it was put into a little bit of water and let sit in the tabernacle in a church until it dissolved and could be reverently disposed of. Instead of dissolving, it become a red liquid with some red gelatinous material. They had the substance examined. It turned out that it was tissue from a human heart, from the left ventricle, to be exact. That was weird enough, but much to the shock of the doctors who examined the sample without knowing its origin, the tissue which should have been dead was still alive and beating. Watch the video.

Interesting to note that a host turned to flesh in Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century, as a doubting priest said Mass. It has been reserved in a reliquary ever since and it is also tissue form the human heart. I can hear you saying at the top of your voice, “Impossible! They are committing fraud! This needs to be examined by competent scientists!”

Remember when the Shroud of Turin was examined a few years back by competent scientists? They turned out to be completely incompetent. They tested a patch and told the world that the Shroud was a fake. It was the “competent” scientists who were the fake. The Shroud of Turin has never been carbon dated, except for one small thread that someone tested without permission. That turned out to be from the time of Christ.

Go to your computer and look it up: “Shroud of Turin Website.” Your refusal to believe that miracles can happen is the product of your faith, that is, trust, which is what the word faith really means. You are blindly trusting science which is ultimately as shaky as any human endeavor. We Americans like to think that science is irrefutable truth.

Have you been keeping up with physics lately? The more we know about the structure of matter and reality the more miraculous it seems. I dare you to turn off the reality shows about important celebrities arguing with each other in the jungle and eating bugs. Do a web search. Just type in “Eucharistic Miracles.” You will be amazed.

As for me, I have no doubt that in the tabernacle there is a living heart that pulses with love for me and for you. It is the heart of God, made present in the person of Jesus, the Messiah. He loves you and would fill you with His own life if you would just stop long enough hear His heart quietly beating.


Rev. Know-it-all

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  1. Commenting on behalf of my brother-in-law, who is having technical difficulties:

    With all due respect, Father, I think you have taken the wrong tack here. Transubstantiation was formulated precisely to explain how Christ is present even though there is absolutely no physically discernible change in the elements. A Catholic may or may not believe in particular eucharistic miracles, but such miracles have nothing to do with transubstantiation. They are the opposite of it. They are trans-accidentiation.