Friday, May 1, 2015

What do you mean the "Our Father" is dangerous? - part 4

Letter to Dan J. Russ continued…

The Bible says that human beings aren’t the only intelligent life form in the universe. It seems that the Bible and string theory both claim that there are different dimensions of reality and that we human beings live on the border between two of them. We are made of matter, a kind of frozen energy and pure energy. There is a kind of other dimensional being that is made of pure energy. They can appear in this dimension, though they are not composed of or limited by atoms and molecules. They can appear in human form and as a kind of light, and I have even heard of them taking the form of animals. They don’t exactly live in time the way we do, but they have a kind of past and present.  

There is a theory that in what we think of as the past about one in three of them rejected the control of the Universal Creator when the Creator decided to enter into our dimension of time and space and to become matter, not just to appear as matter. Some of these energy beings thought that material beings are an absurd hybrid. They thought of human beings in our dimension as nothing more than thinking meat. The whole idea was repulsive to them. The desire of the Universal Creator to take the form of one of these hunks of thinking meat was repugnant to a lot of the other dimensional beings and that it was a sign of weakness on the part of the Universal Creator. 

Meat! Just imagine! It’s an affront to the dignity of beings who are pure energy. This started a war with the Universal Creator and the rest of the other dimensional beings who had accepted this strange idea of the Universal Creator becoming meat, and this war was and is fought in the energy dimension and in our dimension. 

Since we can’t see pure energy, we can’t usually see these beings of pure energy that are constantly fighting all around us. The rebellious other dimensional beings hate us meat creatures and want to destroy our very existence. They try to absorb that part of us which is energy, the part that can think and make decisions.  They involve us in their struggles and we can’t even see them unless they manifest in our dimension.  

The ones who didn’t rebel continue to serve the Universal Creator, doing whatever He requests, even though they are timeless beings who have no needs of their own. They serve the Universal Creator, just because He is Pure Goodness. Unlike us, they have no material needs that He need provide. They simply exist outside of time and space. They don’t really like to be seen or heard in our dimension unless they must. Sometimes they do have to appear because one of their jobs is to serve as messengers for the Universal Creator. Perhaps you’ve heard of them called by the Greek word for messenger “anghelos”, which is pronounced “angel” in English. Never looked at it this way, have you?

Angels serve God simply because He is the Good and the Beautiful. They get nothing out of it except goodness and beauty. They serve because He is the One who should be served and they love Him.  Judaism does not require a belief in life after death. I remember hearing of an orthodox Jew who didn’t believe in life after death, yet he scrupulously obeyed the strict requirements of Jewish diet and practice. When asked why he so carefully followed all 613 commandments of the law without a belief that he would be rewarded with eternal life, he simply said, “Because God is worthy, blessed be He.” 

That is the attitude of the angels. Angels are immortal beings. God does not reward them with eternal life. They don’t need it. They live outside time, and yet they serve Him, save for those who despise Him because of His morbid interest in us hunks of thinking meat here in the temporal/material dimension.  When I pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is heaven,” I am asking to be like the angels who serve only for love’s sake.  

I have heard it said that there is a throne in the human heart which by rights belongs to God and to His Messiah. I am currently sitting on that throne which is not mine. Heaven will not throw me off the throne. I must climb down from the throne of my heart and allow the Almighty to take His rightful place, not because I will be rewarded for doing so, but because it is right to do so. Justice is to serve the Lord with the same motivation that inspires the angels. There is great reward in serving God, but if we do what is right for the sake of reward, we will never attain justice. 

“On earth as it is in heaven” is a prayer for true justice. The angels do what is right for the sake of what is right. They love God, because God is Love. 

Rev. Know-it-all

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